12 April 2009


I decided to spent the days in Rome (after I had sort of fled from my own house in the mountains due to the earthquake) as well as possible. Since so much had happened, some distraction and relaxation was welcome. The ultimate therapy: gelato. At the end of the afternoon in the warm spring weather with people around.
There must have been numerous blogs and articles written about this, but here I present my answer to the often-asked question: where to eat the best icecream or gelato in Rome?
I have tried many places and I've noticed that some have a reputation to be 'the best', which drags people like me to these places. That does not automatically mean they do make the best icecream, to me. Probably, there are many places hidden and unknown to many people.

Such is my favorite place which, in my opinion, makes the best chocolate gelato in Rome:
Luna di Roma, Via Gallia 168, San Giovanni.
Theirs is creamy, not too cold, good selection of classic flavors, sorbets, and then some special flavors (yesterday there was millefoglie and pane di stelle, for example), and also soya flavors. They are cheap (1,60 for a 'small' one with 3 flavors, which is not small at all!). There are tables and benches outside that make the place excellent for people watching.

Then I can report about the ones with a reputation.
San Crispino is often named as the best gelateria. I do like their product, and I am a sucker for 'special' flavors, which they like to make (ginger-cinnamon is one of my favorites!). But their gelato is too cold, I find, and not so creamy. The interior of their place is super clean and sterile, the personnel rather "cold" (and this is not inherent to people selling gelato, haha!) and you cannot take a seat anywhere around (I've been to the ones in San Giovanni and Pantheon). The latter seems to spoil their own principle: they do not make cones or put cream on top as this would spoil the taste, but I find it harder to enjoy something when I have to eat it standing or walking. And it is expensive: 2€ for a small cup, which holds only 2 flavors.

Gelarmony, Via Marcantonio Colonna 34, is a good one. I've been there always in a rush, so cannot report too much, but I like them. They have a huge selection of flavors, which is a plus for me. Amongst which my favorite flavor liquorice, which tastes a bit like toffee. For vegans this place is a must, they sell many vegan flavors and even have vegan cream!
Next door to Gelarmony they sell arancini, rice balls with delicious fillings from Sicily. So you can really make one stop to be totally full and satisfied with the best Italian street food there is!

And then another place which I really like, but which is not in Rome, and of which I don't even know the name! A place in Tagliacozzo, Abruzzo, sells very good chocolate and very good liquorice and many other flavors. It is close to the main square and the sign says something like 'gelateria artigianale'.

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