03 March 2009

Food is not completely under our control, fortunately. We may think otherwise, sometimes, using refrigerators to slow down the rotting process that is inherent to all living things, which all food once was (or should have been). Yet some things in the fridge strive hard for their survival and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I pulled an bag containing rapette out of the fridge, expecting the sight of dying vegetables, but not this:

I honored this braveness by putting them in a glass, where they caught the last instances of February sun. It is March now, and the weather turned bad, but the flowers are still there.

Rain (=unwillingness to go to the bakery)+ongoing excitement about new oven=

My first bread in a while! Baked with Italian flour and homemade sourdough. Sourdough fascinates me. You just leave a mix of flour and water in the open air for a while. The mix catches whatever bacteria and yeasts are in the flour and air and starts to ferment slowly. Some care (consisting in stirring the mix and feeding it every day with some flour and water) and patience and after some 5 days you can bake with it. Then again some patience, because the bread does not rise as fast as with conventional yeast, so it has to stay in a warm place for quite long (overnight). But what turns out is a bread just consisting of flour, water and salt! It also tastes different from Italian bread, is more compact, and it keeps longer.
The sourdough does live a long life, either fed every day at room temperature, or spending its life in the fridge.

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