21 February 2008


i am planning to travel to kazachstan next year. my friend margarethe will go there and it seems like an exciting country, even though i do not know much about it. i just know there are endless savannahs (steppen), i.e. landscapes with a lot of nothing. i learned to love this emptiness in abruzzo last year, on the campo imperatore and i want to experience a lot more. (picture: campo imperatore)

this morning i found that NABU (german nature protection organization) has a project there to protect the almost extinct saiga antilope. now i really want to go there, look at this:

what a beautiful animal.

i love foxes. they seem the perfect mix between a cat and a dog. i like the way they walk and how i sometimes meet them in the streets of berlin. the corsac fox lives in central asia, hence also in kazachstan.

the one on this pic really looks like schmutzi, my cat (esp the facial bone structure and the hairs on the side of the face):

clear example of cat+dog=fox:

(pictures all not mine)

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